Cloud Infrastructure


The massive demand for public cloud creates an important opportunities for partners offering solutions and services for Microsoft Azure.

Azure was the first public cloud provider to support all three service models, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and it continues to outperform in offering client choice, flexibility, and speed-to-revenue as a result.

Azure for PaaS: partners and their customers can cut coding time, and development capabilities without adding headcount, develop for multiple platforms more easily and benefit from pay-as-you-go models that make more sophisticated software, business intelligence and analytics solution add on’s more cost accessible.

Azure for IaaS: Modern workplaces are complex. Enabling remote work infrastructure, responding to cyberattacks, dealing with COVID created cash crunch. Azure helps partners and their customer tackle constantly changing conditions with highly available, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Azure for SaaS: There is high demand from customers for access to business applications while avoiding heavy investment in hardware, middleware and software. Azure responds to this demand by making its simplest Office tools and its most sophisticated applications, such as ERP and CRM available on a SaaS basis. Azure multi-tenancy makes sense if you are looking to serve a large number of users but need to isolate application data from other tenanted customers.

Azure takes the complexity out of offering optimized performance for your customers’ applications, even when user numbers are constantly fluctuating.

Visionspec Cloud Infrastructure solution portfolio provides virtualisation technologies for Servers, Network, Storage, Desktop, Data and Applications.

Visionspec works with partners to identify virtualisation solutions that deliver value to your customers, while building greater revenue and margin potential into your business.

Servers: Reduce maintenance costs and hardware maintenance, while making on-site recovery easier. Add-on off-site backup and recovery capabilities and services for increased service revenue opportunity.

Network: Tackle the traditional challenges of managed network services with flexible, agile networks that enable fast, efficient automation of abstracted instances, object types and other compute processes. Services can better respond to real-time subscriber demand, and you can more confidently engage customers that have an appetite for SD-WAN.

Data: Control data canopy sprawl to produce savings, speed, and simplicity. Central point of access and control for BR/DR, continuity, testing, replication, and archiving. Compress, dedupe and consolidate data in a single source to reduce data storage bloat, data silos, infrastructure and data management overheads. Deliver a fully democratised data service to your end users.

Desktop: Visionspec partners have an immediate window of opportunity to position solutions and services within this explosive growth period. Offer your SMB customers a viable way to virtualise desktop environments, without the overheads of an internal data center. Manage desktops generate incremental revenue opportunities from associated services for back-end data storage, backup and security.